Doctor of Manual Therapy

Other Titles that Describe my Skill Sets and Training: Chiropractor, Knee Specialist, Cranial Therapist, Injury Prevention Specialist, Ergonomic Specialist, Best Selling Author & Educator, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Certified Hendrickson Method Massage Therapist

Personal Story

I learned about the dramatic healing effects of manual therapy during my lifelong battle with chronic pain. I sought out the best and the brightest. If it worked for me then I learned how to do it so I could offer the healing to my patients. I tried out about 20 different Chirorpactors seeking relief from my various maladies which ranged from physical body pain which developed over time from car accidents and sports activities to physiologic dysfunction such as digestive disease, skin problems, vision difficulties and more. There are actually over 120 different types of Chiropractic techniques. Some felt traumatic to my being. Some worked at first then seems to lose efficacy. What I ended up with is having to see several different practitioners in order to achieve the efficacy that I desired in terms of resolving my myriad diagnoses. I learned the techniques that worked for me to the farthest extent possible, then I learned to combine them, and then I learned to invent my own methods within these techniques. This combined approach offers a great advantage over practicing a single technique. Manual therapy is like a martial art. There is a science, an art and a philosophy. And, any martial artist will tell you that in order to win a fight against an unknown foe (for me the foe is my patinet’s pain) you had better know as many different types of martial arts as possible because one technique will work for one foe in one circumstance but not in another. I achieve my extraordinary and consistently effective results by learning and practicing many techniques diligently overtime.

How I Practice

Most patients tell me that they have never experienced anything like my therapy. It is certainly not reminiscent of an average Chiropractic office visit. I carefully check body motion comparing the ranges of motion of most joints of the body before I work which directs how and what I will treat. Most patients want to move better immediately so I check this closely and show the patient what is not working correctly. Then I use Activator Methods Chiropractic Adjusting leg checks which offer objective tests to show what precisely needs to be adjusted, if the nervous system is ready to be adjusted there and whether the adjustment worked or not. These adjustments are made with finely tuned instrument backed by clinical trials. Research is available at www.activatorcom. The adjustment is made with a tiny tap to the joint which requires adjusting. Only enough force is used to exact an impulse to the mechanical receptors of the joint. Signals are sent from the joint to the brain and back again, and the joint function is restored instantly including improved range of motion and improved muscle strength. Patients are constantly amazed to see how gently a force can be to restore so much motion and strength. This technique alone took months of office visits for me going three times per week to clear up some nagging neck pain and headaches. Combining this technique with another, Sacro-occipital technique allow me to clear up stubborn and severe symptoms for my patients in a fraction of the time, often times in as few as 6 office visits. This is because when the practitioner knows how to treat the cranial bones and organ reflex patterns as well as how to zero in on exactly which joints to adjust in exactly the correct direction as well as how to address the soft tissue injuries such as strains, sprains and tendinitises, then results can be appreciated very, very fast.


Dr. David B. Sundy, treats patients in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he specializes in treating knee injuries primarily combining motion and functional assessments with Activator Methods, Hendrickson Method, Cranial Adjusting and Laser Therapy all in a framework of Sacro-Occipital Technique. He began his practice in 2001 as a massage therapist and graduated from Life West in 2010. He learned as many modalities as possible to help his patients, and he is currently trained in 30 techniques. When he’s not with his patients, publishing case studies or presenting and teaching at research symposiums he enjoys indoor rock climbing, roller skating, gourmet cooking, and hiking throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Continuing Education: Annually since graduation Dr. Sundy attends a minimum of 24 education credits largely with Activator Methods International & the Sacro-Occipital Technique Organization. His current focus is on expanding his knowledge of advance Cranial Osteopathy Life Chiropractic College West, 2010 Doctor of Chiropractic San Francisco State 2000 Holistic Health Certificate Studies Goucher College, Pre-Med: BA Biology Major, Chemistry Minor, Concentration in Molecular Biology





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